Tiers indicate what books mean to me; how much I'd recommend reading them. Rating is the actual quality of a book (given its context and time period).


Where's the rest!?

I've read many more books of course, but they're not on this list. First off, there's no fiction on this tier list. I read very little of it, certainly not enough to have an interesting list of them.

Second, the list only contains books that could be considered a "must read" by at least some people. So no super-specific books like "ASP.NET 4 Internals" or "HTML 3.2 in 24 Hours" on here either.

Third, I don't like reading much (even though I do like to have read). So I tend to research what the classics and recommended books are before diving in at all. Therefore no fringe books are likely to appear on my list.

Lastly, I can easily drop a book if I dislike it; and not waste any further time on it. So books I quickly stopped reading (so especially low rated books) don't appear on my tier list because I dropped them before giving them a good rating.