What is all this?

Welcome to Tierdom: a List of Lists for things I like. Visualized in "Tier Maker" style.

I love having lists, and I even more so love making and sharing lists. The web applications meant specifically for this (IMDB, GoodReads, etc.) are nice, but they have several big downsides.

Hosting my own lists might also have downsides, but there are big upsides. They compare like this:

Proprietary Apps Self-hosted
Can show lists
Feature rich
Minimalistic UI
Uniform UI across lists
Own your words (e.g. reviews)
Own your data (the lists)
Solution rating :-) 😐 55 / 100 😐 🤩 90 / 100 🤩

What is a "Tier List"?

It's a way to rank items in a list. Items in the same "Tier" ("rank") are normally considered equal. However, at tierdom, within tiers items are also ranked. The tiers are based of the US grading system with letters (with an "S" added), roughly like this:

  • S Tier: 🤩 Perfection!! Best of the best!
  • A Tier: 😁 Fantastic! Top grade.
  • B Tier: 😊 Great. Above average stuff.
  • C Tier: 🙂 Decent. A passing grade.
  • D Tier: 😑 Mèh. Sub-par stuff.
  • E Tier: 😠 Rubbish! Usually not worth it.
  • F Tier: 🤮 Abysmal!! Lowest of the lowest!

What's with the name "Tierdom"?

Well... it's my own little Fiefdom of Tier lists. Plus, it wasn't "taken" yet (for anything remotely related) so with this initial work I guess I'm "claiming" the term?

Who are you?

My name is Jeroen Heijmans. Find all my contact information and other side projects at https://jeroenheijmans.nl or read my (infrequent) personal blog at https://blog.jeroenheijmans.nl

Is this Open Source?

Yes and no. Yes, it is "open" at github.com/jeroenheijmans/tierdom. But no, it's currently not licensed in any way that allows reuse. I just haven't settled yet on which license to use. Or thought about how to separate content from code, placing them under different licenses.

If you really want to spin off this work, please let me know and I'll give thinking about these matters some priority.